Folorunsho J. Ajayi; Chairman, Nexthought Production and Services

Folorunsho J. Ajayi is the chairman of Nexthought Production and Services. He’s a passionate film director and cinematographer, credited with directing and producing a number of television talk shows, critically-acclaimed music videos (for mainstream artists), commercials, and events.

At Nexthought, Folorunsho’s role includes overseeing overall operations and ensuring that the company meets it’s set objectives. His long-term ambition is to make Nexthought an entertainment and logistics powerhouse like Lions Gate Entertainment, on the African continent. To this end, he has begun a quest to broaden his grasp of globally-proven business practices and networking with like-minded people and businesses that share his philosophy of excellence.

Oloruntimilehin Ajayi; CEO, Nexthought Production and Services

Oloruntimilehin Ajayi is the chief executive officer of Nexthought Production and Services. A managerial wiz, he superintends day-to-day activities at the office and also on locations. He’s responsible for implementing the company’s expansion and development strategies, which includes marketing and client relations.

His vision is for Nexthought to become the most successful business in Africa, and he believes this can be achieved with relentless focus, hard work, dedication, and honesty.

Oloruntimilehin is a husband and a father.