• The RED Monstro 8K Vista Vision delivers unrivalled performance with its impressive specs. With up to 17x more resolution than HD and over 4x more resolution than 4K, its sensors rival the beauty offered by film. The RED MONSTRO can take advantage of full-frame 35mm lenses and despite its compact size, it can be driven up to 60 fps at full resolution.

  • Key features include:

  • 8,192×4,320 max resolution

  • 35.4 megapixel CMOS sensor

  • 40.96×21.60mm sensor size

  • Slow-motion from 60 fps at 8k to 240 fps at 2k

  • EF & PL lens mounts

  • The RED MONSTRO is often used for productions that require high-quality footage without sacrificing flexibility.

  • Package Include:

  • 1 x RED DSMC2 Sidekick

  • 1 x RED Min Mag SSD Side Module 4 x 1.8″ (512GB) RED Mini Mags

  • 1 x G-Tech RED Mini Mag Card Reader (USB 3)

  • 1 x Set of 4 V-Lock Batteries incl Charger

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