Arri Signature Primes

  • ARRI Signature Prime lenses are widely regarded as some of the highest quality cine lenses available in the film industry. These lenses are known for their exceptional optical performance, excellent color rendition, and precise focus control.

  • Many cinematographers and filmmakers praise the ARRI Signature Prime lenses for their ability to create a distinct visual aesthetic as well as their versatility in a wide range of shooting conditions. These lenses are frequently used in high-end film and television productions, as well as commercial and music video work.

  • Overall, the film industry considers ARRI Signature Prime lenses to be a top-tier option for cinematographers and filmmakers seeking exceptional image quality and creative control in their work.

  • Package includes:

  • The ARRI Signature Primes set includes:

  • ARRI Signature Prime 18mm T1.8 cf:14″

  • ARRI Signature Prime 35mm T1.8 cf:14″

  • ARRI Signature Prime 58mm T1.8 cf:18″

  • ARRI Signature Prime 95mm T1.8 cf:2’9″

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